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Electronic Acupuncture Pen, 3-in-1 Meridian Energy Pen for Pain Relief, Pain Relief Therapy, Electric Meridians Acupuncture Machine

  • 3 Massage Heads: The electric massager pen comes with three massage heads - Dome Type, Spheroidal type and Node type. These three replaceable massage heads are applicable on facial muscles, body muscles and painful areas respectively.
  • Low Voltage Massage Therapy: Electric Meridians Acupuncture pen, no pain, no needles easily focus on pain areas, stress relief, relaxation and adjustable intensity controls.
  • Principles of Ergonomics: The energy meridian pen is used in the twelve meridians of human body, 10 minutes of massage every day for a long time can remove impurities in the veins and deposits
  • Best Beauty Aid: The device makes you look young and refreshing by stimulating the muscles of face and body. It reduces wrinkles and sagging flesh associated with aging, and makes your skin fair and healthy.
  • Easy to Use: It is a portable hand held device, 1-9 gear can be freely changed and used according to different periods of different people, to meet a variety of needs of different groups of people.

Electric Energy Acupressure Pen

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